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Kto może kupić Telewizję Puls?

Chętnych do transakcji przybywa z miesiąca na miesiąc ››

21.03 HBO Comedy zmieni nazwę na HBO3

HBO3 z całymi sezonami kultowych seriali u filmami fabularnymi ››

Tomasz Rożek poprowadzi program „Sonda 2” w TVP2

Już w marcu TVP2 zaprasza na kontynuację legendarnej „Sondy” ››

Hip Hop TV wystartuje 22 lutego

Dyrektorem programowym nowej stacji został Tomasz Kleyff - Człowiek Nowej Ery ››

Biełsat TV już na nowej częstotliwości na 4,8°E

Na nowym tp. na 4,8°E pojawił się kanał identyfikujący się jako Belsat TV ››

CYFRA+ promotion: HD option for free

On 2nd of November 2009 satellite platform CYFRA+ has introduced a new holiday promotions for customers who sign contracts for 13, 18 and 24 months. Clients will get HD option as well as SD, HD and PVR decoders absolutely free. New subscribers also get 50% discount for all packages and 100% discount for premium options. więcej ››

History in CYFRA+

On 2nd of November 2009 CYFRA+ has added a documentary channel History to its offer. History is owned by the American company A&E Television Networks. Channel is available in Komfortowy+, Prestizowy+ and Prestizowy+ HD packages at no extra charge. Until now, History was only available in Poland in cable networks including UPC Poland and ASTER. więcej ››

What is the next step for TP and CYFRA+?

Telekomunikacja Polska (Polish Telecom) declares its willingness to continue a cooperation with CYFRA+ both in the field of content and by offering CYFRA+ channels in the services of Telekomunikacja Polska. This cooperation depends on the right agreement between both operators. więcej ››

CYFRA+: Orange sport info encoded

Orange sport info info available on CYFRA+ transponder on Hot Bird 9 (13E) satellite has been encoded. This is not a surprise because operator has announced that after 30th of September channel will not be available for all subscribers. From 1st of October Orange sport info is available in the following packages: Podstawowy+, Komfortowy+, Prestizowy+ and Prestizowy HD+. więcej ››

Animal Planet HD in CYFRA+

On 16th of September 2009, subscribers of the satellite platform CYFRA+ have gained an access to Animal Planet HD. Until 11th of November channel can be viewed by all subscribers of the platform with has at least one HD option activated. This is the ninth high-definition channel available in CYFRA+, other ones include: CANAL+ Film HD, CANAL+ Sport HD, National Geographic Channel HD, HBO HD, Filmbox HD, MTVNHD, Eurosport HD and Eurosport 2 HD. więcej ››

TVP channels from Astra on CYFRA+ decoders

CYFRA+ has reacted very quickly to free-to-air signal of TVP channels from Astra and since 15th of September subscribers have gained an access to these stations. Operator added all TVP and Polish Radio stations to its list of channels. As a result, platform's offer has been unofficially extended with TVP HD and TVP Historia. więcej ››

Eurosport 2 HD in CYFRA+

On 12th of August CYFRA+ has added Eurosport 2 HD to its offer. This is an eighth high definition channel available in CYFRA+, others inclide: CANAL+ Film HD, Canal+ Sport HD, National Geographic Channel HD, HBO HD, Filmbox HD, MTV HD and Eurosport HD. Eurosport Group has exclusive rights to broadcast Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga matches in Poland. więcej ››

CYFRA+ Multiroom from 12th of August?

A possible CYFRA+ Multiroom launch date is 12th of August 2009. This is one of the first DTH operators in Poland that will introduce a Multiroom service to its offer. Multiroom will only be available to subscribers of the Prestizowy+ and Prestizowy HD+ packages. The price of the service is 15 PLN per month or 35 PLN per month. więcej ››

ID Investigation Discovery in CYFRA+

ID Investigation Discovery has been added to the offer of CYFRA+ on 15th of July. ID is a 24-hour channel with programmes about crimes and trials. Investigation Discovery is a part of Podstawowy+, Komfortowy+, Prestizowy+ and Prestizowy HD+ packages. Station is available in Polish language on channel 77 in CYFRA+ decoders. więcej ››

CYFRA+: 50% subscription discount for CANAL+

From 10th of July to 10th of August 2009 satellite platform CYFRA+ has prepared a new promotion for its subscribers and they can count on a 50% discount on the movie and sports CANAL+ package. Discount will last for 4 months. The promotion is available only through internet subscribers center (ICA). więcej ››

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