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Casinos, online casinos, slot machine rooms in Portugal

Gambling in Portugal is a casino, arcades and virtual online casino - regulated at the national level.

A small country in the very west of Europe with a population of 10 million people has an interesting history of gambling. The first casino, built in 1916 in Estoril, still advertises itself as the biggest casino in Europe. It's hard to say how true this is today, but at one time, almost the entire 20th century, the establishment had every right to make such claims. Despite the fact that in the famous movie Casino Royale we see Le Casino de Monte Carlo, Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels clearly stated that he was inspired for the book by the Portuguese Casino Estoril.

Gaming Halls in Portugal

Laws and regulations

Casinos are regulated by the following laws and decrees:

Gambling Law No. 422/89 of December 2, as amended by Decree-Law No. 114/2011 of November 30, which approves the legal framework for casino gambling.

Government Decree No. 217/2007 of February 26 (amended by Decree-Law No. 401/2015 of November 9), which approves the legal framework for casino gambling.

The legal framework for Internet gambling (Regio Jurídico do Jogo Online, RJO) is established by Decree-Law No. 66/2015 of April 29.

The laws of the Republic define the regulator of gambling - the Gaming Regulatory and Inspection Service (Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos, SRIJ), which is a division of the country's Tourism Authority (Turismo de Portugal). The official website of the regulator is Gambling generates 60% of the country's tourism revenue. Advertising or marketing of gambling services in casinos in Portugal is strictly prohibited.

Land-based casinos in Portugal

Casino gambling is limited to 9 areas (including the country's Atlantic Ocean regions), and there may have been one establishment in each area. Nevertheless, despite such a small number, we can say that Portuguese casinos are among the most luxurious and advanced in Europe. Portuguese casinos usually have many bars, restaurants, hotels and other facilities for players.

According to the SRIJ there are 12 casinos in the country.

Players must be 18 years old to enter the establishment. Upon request, a player can be banned from entering all casinos in the country for 5 years. Another interesting fact about Portuguese casinos is that control of Casino Estoril is in the hands of Stanley Ho, the legendary "uncrowned king of Macau," who once controlled the largest gambling industry in Asia in the former Portuguese possession.

Slot machines in Portugal

According to the country's law, the installation of slot machines everywhere except for official casinos or licensed arcades is prohibited. At the moment, apart from the casinos listed above, slot machines can be found in the Azores.

The largest Portuguese casinos have hundreds of slot machines, for example, in Casino Estoril more than 1200 slots, in Casino Lisbon more than 1100.

Online casinos in Portugal

Online casinos in Portugal are allowed and licensed under Decree-Law No. 66/2015 of April 29. According to the law, whenever the SRIJ discovers a website that offers online gambling that is operated by an entity that does not have the legal license power to do so, the regulator notifies it to cease its operations in the country and remove the website. In cases of non-compliance, SRIJ orders Internet service providers to block access to the illegal website without prosecution against the website operator. In a related development, the European Union has ordered the country to relax its gambling laws as infringing on the free market. Today there are 8 sites offering casino and slots games on the internet.

But in fact today, being in Portugal, you can play on any website licensed in the EU.

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