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How to accelerate metabolism in the body?

We begin to think about how to accelerate metabolism in the body after we understand that a further decrease in the calorie content of the diet does not bring the desired reduction in body weight. This happens because our body understands that he is not enough for the main metabolism and falls into the energy conservation mode, putting it off in reserve everything that falls into it. The process of losing weight is inhibited, and the hated extra pounds remain on our body. But there are several ways to spur metabolism for weight loss. 1. Do not forget to have breakfast better to have breakfast with complex carbohydrates, that is, porridge. The same buckwheat, although it contains a large number of calories, but, eaten in the morning, will saturate the body in half a day, and all calories will go to cover the main metabolism. 2. Include in the diet plant foods of dicking raw foods are spent a large amount of energy. Vegetarians are mostly thin people, aren't it? 3. Provide sufficient consumption of vitamins of the group of vitmeal metabolism in accelerated mode, if you increase products in the diet with the content of B vitamins. This is beef liver, chicken egg, fish, bread from coarse -grinding, nuts, bananas, all legumes and brown Fig. 4. Drink green tea green tea more caffeine than in coffee. Caffeine allows you to quickly free fat depot, and metabolism accelerates by ten percent. 5. Enrich the food of spices and spices, thanks to substances that give them a bright taste, increase the temperature of the body and make the heart drive blood in accelerated mode, due to which the metabolism accelerates. 6. Do not forget about massage absolutely any massage, whether it is a can, anti -cellulite or self -massage at home perfectly accelerates the body's metabolism7. Drink more water in the body in such a way that the internal organs with a lack of fluid stop burning fat reserves, and begin to find moisture for themselves. Therefore, to accelerate the metabolism, begin to gradually drink more water .8. Visit in a bathhouse, let it be an ordinary Russian bath, sauna or hammam, they all warm up blood, make it circulate faster, respectively, and the metabolism accelerates. Approximately also acts on the body and hot bath. 9. Frusting with a sports loving strengthening of physical activity will surely accelerate metabolism. In addition, the body will acquire a beautiful relief and inevitably replaces the adipose tissue of muscle mass. 10. More Gulyitetesty air and sunlight will naturally affect the metabolism and increase immunity. It turns out that you will kill several birds with one at once: affect the strengthening of the body's defenses, begin to lose weight by increasing physical activity and will help to be replaced by muscles in the body. All these measures are quite simple, but with their help you will no longer think How to accelerate metabolism in the body, since this process will go naturally. Mostbet Uz

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