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Ripped jeans: the "hot five" of incorrect images

Not so long ago, holes on denim became one of the brightest trends in denim fashion. Ripped jeans were worn by everyone: from housewives to showbiz stars.
Firstly, the abundance of a variety of images. Worn denim with slits was used in such styles as casual (in all its manifestations), military, grunge, glam, rock, etc.
Secondly, the originality of fashionistas and fashionistas who created completely unique solutions for an hour. However, these options did not always look harmonious and aesthetically pleasing from the point of view of the science of proper dressing.
The ragged bad taste of the outgoing season
1. Ripped jeans and black tights. This season it was possible to see girls wearing pretty shabby jeans with tights, often black lace. In fact, such a step contradicts the very nature of this fashionable attire, because this denim model is designed just to show the beauty of women's legs, slightly priobnazhaya them.
2. Jeans with a hole and a strict bag or clutch. Of course, modern fashion allows for a mixture of styles, but still there is a line that should not be crossed. Bags with a rigid body and clearly defined lines – trapezoids, baguettes, suitcases, valises – are not the best combination for ripped jeans, the same can be said about elegant clutches. As an exception to this rule, you can consider a denim option with a small number of neat slits, to which an elegant top (a calm blouse, an appropriate hairstyle) and shoes (for example, high-heeled shoes) will be matched.
3. Denim ensemble. Holey jeans themselves are already the part of your outfit that attracts attention. Therefore, it is not logical to combine them, say, with a denim jacket and similar shoes and / or accessories. In such a variety of denim, your fashionable "tatters" will simply dissolve.
4. Cut "acid" jeans and a bright top. Continuing the theme of the magnetism of your clothes, it should be noted that it is much better and more correct to wear only one bright item of clothing at the same time than several. Parakeeting attracts glances, but it's attention with a minus sign. Except for those rare cases when you are going to a party a la the 80s - 90s
. 5. Ripped jeans with conservative, business and many other styles. This denim model was, is and will remain one of the most narrowly focused of its kind. Her sphere is everyday life and creativity. Everything else is better left for trousers and classic jeans. В период завоевания (~1521 г.) Америки, Эрнан Кортес импортировал различные растения из Европы и Азии, в том числе C. sativa и C. indica, для развития экономики Новой Испании. По словам Гарсии Вальехо, Педро Куадрадо де Алькала был тем, кто с идеей производства текстиля (для выращивания сырья нужно было купить семена марихуаны ) импортировал первые семена и метод выращивания.

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