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Spa at home

Mud and chocolate wraps, shower Charco, ozone therapy for weight loss, Cleopatra bath, anti-cellulite massage - the range of modern beauty salons. Pottit with bright names and lures people who are not indifferent to their health and the condition of their body. But the beautiful names are hidden at all are not cheap, but sometimes dangerous procedures. What to do, when there is no money, and you want to pamper yourself, to apply ozone therapy for weight loss, attaching to this at least effort, and spending nothing about anything? There is a way out, and it is very simple - to hold the salon procedure at home. Be sure the necessary components easily find out in the kitchen of each mistress.

Spa at home

Coffee peeling

Who does not like to drink a cup of freshly fragrant coffee in the morning? But do not rush to throw out waste into the garbage - they will serve you a good service, and the result will be apparent. Cake coffee has an excellent exfoliating effect - taking a shower, massage them for several minutes of problem areas (excluding stomach). After a few such procedures, you will notice an explicit improvement in the skin of the skin, and perhaps, to feel the care of several centimeters. And thanks to linoleic acid, coffee peeling will help your skin for a long time to stay young and shining.

Kefir-based hair mask

You may be surprised, but kefir is useful not only for our stomach, but also for hair. Thanks to a kefir-based mask, your hair will become soft and obedient. Just weld the warm kefir into your hair and leave under the cellophane for 30-40 minutes. Rock ordinary shampoo. The result is visible immediately, but do not give up this effect and continue to make such masks at least once a week. Your hair will answer you thanks and excellent view.

Broth chamomile in cubes

Make a strong chamomile infusion, run over the molds and put in the freezer. Wipe the skin every morning; It is an excellent tonic and rejuvenating agent that will support the skin of your face in a tone and gives her everyday radiance.

Hand mask from honey

Honey is not only delicious, but also necessary for our body product. It contains an incredible number of trace elements and vitamins, and in the fight against wrinkles just an indispensable means. Honey will make your hands soft and velvety. Mix honey, olive oil and egg yolk. Such a mixture will naply your skin with vitamins A, B, E, and will help it always stay in excellent condition. To be beautiful and well-groomed at home is not difficult, the main thing is to remember that the queen lives in the soul of each of us, which will enjoy such pleasant and useful treatments. We know what free spins casino promo codes are and how to activate them

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